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Managed Medical Imaging (MMI) offers affordable Digital Radiography (DR) flat panel detector technology to clients throughout Florida and Georgia.  We provide sales, installation and support services.  


Independent studies report that DR improves productivity by a factor of 30 – 71%  
1 Andriole etal., UC San Francisco; Roper St Francis, Charleston, SC 


  • Outstanding image quality: Consistent, excellent imaging quality with greater visualization of soft tissue and bones from the same study exposure (wide dynamic range)
  • Radiation Dose Reduction: DR offers up to 30-50% lower dose in most examinations.
  • High-throughput performance and easy workflow, up to threefold efficiency.
  • Quick Image Display: Within 3 seconds of exposure!
  • Integrated Solution of the generator console and the workstation in a single unit, improving productivity and reducing operator error
  • Detector enclosure, enhance image quality, increase system stability and increase panel longevity

Samsung Flat Panel DR:


Samsung 14x17 Flat panel


Pixel matrix
2880 x 2400
Pixel area (active)
432 x 360 mm
Pixel pitch
150 ㎛
A/D conversion
Dynamic range
>15000 LSB
3.3 lp/mm
Energy range
40 ~ 150 kVp
Data output
1G Ethernet


For more details on the Samsung DR Panel, please contact us.


Florida and Georgia DR Products:




Digital Radiography

MMI offers an advanced, affordable DR solution for hospitals and imaging centers.  DR enhances workflow with superior image quality, intuitive user-friendly console and state-of-the-art connectivity.  DICOM-compatibility allows the DR to work seamlessly with a variety of PACS systems.  X-ray parameters for exposure, review, post-processing operations and filming can be controlled from a single console.


DR uses integrated flat panel detectors to provide a superior imaging experience over standard analog film or CR.  It offers advanced image quality and full DICOM functionality allowing for the most efficient workflow.

If you are a Florida hospital or medical imaging center in Florida or Georgia seeking an advanced, affordable flat panel DR, contact MMI and we will be glad to provide you with additional information.

DR-Faster-CRA recent report by IMV Medical Information Division, a market research firm in Des Plaines, IL confirmed that the conversion from film-based x-ray to Digital Imaging is almost complete in the U.S. Hospital market. In 2010, 70% of hospital-based systems used CR technology, and DR accounted for 26% of the fixed x-ray units. Only 4% still used film, a phenomenal drop from the one-third of hospital-based x-ray units still based on film technology just five years earlier.


CR’s current prominence may be short-lived, however, with survey results suggesting most new equipment sales will be DR units. Of those respondents who are planning to Buy New Digital X-Ray equipment, 78% said they plan to buy DR. The remaining 22% said they plan on acquiring CR systems.

The Optimized Solution For Digital Radiography

Offering Positioning Flexibility and Ease of Use for All Procedures

The system's operator-friendly controls dual speed motorized movements and the intelligent anti-collision system makes patient positioning quick, easy and safe.

User-friendly console and constant alignment of X-Ray table and digital image receptor guarantee efficient and confident diagnosis.

The U-Arm design accommodates cross-table for easy patient positioning.

With the patient table, the patient can me moved into any required position without the need for repositioning.



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MMI offers DR sales, repair and support services to clients in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Jacksonville and other areas throughout Florida and Cobb and Fulton County areas including Atlanta, Roswell, Augusta, Savannah.   


If you are looking for an affordable DR for your Florida medical imaging facility, then call MMI today!


Download Fuji CR PDF You may download Adobe Reader for free at www.adobe.com .



MMI is seeking a Fuji-trained Field Engineer in Georgia.  - Details
MMI is seeking a Kodak/Carestream-trained CR Engineer in Florida or Georgia - Details

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